For the People Who are Always Cold: EarthEasy Wool Mattress Cover

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Being Cold is No Fun

Being someone who has Raynaud’s Syndrome, or having terrible circulation issues in the hands and feet, I always struggle with keeping warm sleeping in the winter months. I find myself frequently waking up shivering no matter how many blankets I have piled on top of me. One thing that has really helped me out this year is the SnugSoft Elite Wool Mattress Cover I got from Eartheasy. This mattress pad comes in all bed sizes and is made out of 100% american virgin wool.


Not only does it keep you warm, it’s also super comfortable. This 1.5 inch wool pad’s natural fibers are springy and support the body very well. The first night I slept on this, I didn’t wake up once. I also didn’t want to leave my bed! I woke up feeling very refreshed and my bed was the perfect temperature- not too warm, not too cool.

Another amazing thing about this wool mattress pad is that not only does it act as an amazing thermal in the winter, in the summer it helps keep your body cool so you can use it year-round.

I’m so happy I found the SnugSoft Elite Wool Mattress Cover, because I was really getting sick of waking up so frequently in the night! If you are someone who is always freezing like myself, I definitely recommend checking out one of these mattress pads.

Eartheasy, the website I got the mattress pad from also has all kinds of eco-friendly items ranging from the home to garden and camping items. There’s also amazing affordable gift ideas on there as well. There’s something on there everyone in your family would love, guaranteed!


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