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The Most Comfortable Flip Flops Out There

One of my mottoes is “Never splurge on sunglasses, always splurge on denim”. It’s true, some sunglasses that are $5 can look like $175 designer shades, but if you pay $14.99 for cheap jeans, they definitely look the price. At first, I felt the same about flip flops- always buy them as cheap as possible. I always bought some that were 2 for $5 and they definitely were a reflection of their price, always falling apart and wearing down at the heels quickly. I don’t know how or why I put up with those uncomfortable, blister generating shoes after discovering Terrikelly flip flops! One thing I love most about them, is that not only are they a dream to wear, they are also so affordable! (24.95)

TerriKelly’s flip flops come in three gorgeous colors: Black, earthy brown, and a beautiful bright green. I received the black and brown flip flops. I can’t get over how beautiful and comfy they are!!


These flip flops really do feel like you are walking on a yoga mat all day long. When I first received them, I was amazed at the quality, how comfortable they were, and the beautiful minimalist style. I also love how they are┬ásuper squishy, have great arch support, and don’t hurt that area between your toes. I guess I was not used to having flip flops as comfortable as those.

Terrikelly shoes are designed for keeping you super comfortable wherever you go whether it’s to yoga class, traveling or even to the grocery store. These are hands down my absolutely favorite flip flops of all time. I even wear them around the house!


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*Disclaimer: I received a sample of the product to review. All opinions %100 mine.




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