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Ever since the temperature has been dropping, my skin has been getting harder to keep moisturized and balanced. My skin has been getting flaky here and there which is so annoying! Why can’t I just have good skin all year round?!

Luckily ever since I’ve been using  Jeffrey James’ The Wash ($29) facial cleanser for the last week, I’ve already seen some good changes in my skin.


This therapeutic, nourishing cleanser repairs dry, rough, damaged and acne prone skin with essential oils and ocean minerals. It also contains vitamin E and rosehip oil that also help deeply nourish and correct impurities such as discoloration and scarring.

Ever since I’ve been using The Wash, I’m more than happy to report that my skin has felt smooth and the flakes are absolutely gone. Usually when I apply makeup like foundation recently, my skin looks very dried out and dull. Since I’ve been using Jeffrey Jame’s Botanicals The Wash facial cleanser, it’s nice to be able to apply my makeup and have my face look supple and hydrated. I love this cleanser because it leaves my skin feeling fantastic and doesn’t dry it out, irritate, or feel itchy afterwards.

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