November Favorite: Smashbox Fuchsia Flash Matte Lipstick

Hi everyone!

I’m one who usually doesn’t wear a whole lot of lip sticks or colors because my lips are extremely allergic to basically EVERYTHING other than plain Vaseline. I grew up loving to wear all kinds of lip balms/sticks and always having around 12 sticks of chapstick in each of my bags at any given point- I know, Napoleon would have loved me.

Collecting the latest lipstick and lip balm was something I always enjoyed until one day a couple of years ago I woke up with super red, sore, cracking lips. Even when I pushed all the lip products aside and went back to a brand that always worked for me, my lips were still freaking out. The irritation got so bad that my lip skin would bleed and completely peel off which was terrifying! I had to go to the doctor about it because it was getting too out of hand.

The doctor told me to throw out all of my lip products and try regular Vaseline. That was the only thing that worked for me. Recently I’ve slowly started trying out different formulas of lip colors and most of the time within a few minutes of wearing them my lips start to burn. One of the few brands that I’ve found that actually work for me so far is Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Lipstick!

Today I wanted to share one of my November favorites with you guys! This Smashbox Fuchsia Flash Matte Lipstick is absolutely stunning. I know dark red, brown, and nude shades are really ‘in’ this time of year which I love, but I think sometimes a bright pink is the perfect pop of color to wear in this gloomy weather.


I love how its formula is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and also the best, most pigmented fuchsia color out there! Here is a picture of my wearing it! Definitely one of my absolute favorites.


If you want more info about the price or considering it for purchase, buy it directly here!

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