Review: Amethyst Soap’s Honey Complexion Bar

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Have you ever found yourself reading the label on the back of your skin care products, trying to pronounce those oddly named ingredients, not having a clue what they are? I know I have! Using Amethyst Soap’s Honey Complexion Bar you don’t have to wonder or do a lot of research to find out what exactly is in it.

This all natural facial soap is perfect for people who have sensitive skin, acne prone, or other skin irritations.



It’s simple. Amethyst Soap’s Honey Complexion Bar facial soap is made out of these 4 natural ingredients:

1. An all vegetable glycerin base.  It’s a substance that attracts moisture into the skin and doesn’t mess up the skins natural Ph levels, leaving you with naturally clean, healthy skin.

2. Coconut oil, added for extra moisture and lather.

3. Freshly Ground Chamomile, used to sooth any irritation or redness.

4. Honey, a natural bacteria fighter, loaded with antioxidants and packed with other nutrients that cleanse, nourish, and hydrate the skin.

These soaps come is two sizes, a 4oz square and a 2oz circle. When I first opened these, I immediately fell in love with how adorable they are! The design is so intricate and beautiful, they’re almost to cute to use!


When I used the Honey Complexion Bar for the first time, I was so happy with the quality and lather it made. My face immediately felt deeply cleansed and hydrated. I like how this soap doesn’t have any overbearing, strong odor besides a light sweet honey scent. Also, some soaps that are used for acne prone skin leave that feeling of tightness and itchiness that this soap doesn’t have. I’m very impressed with this soap and recommend it to everyone!

In conclusion, these soaps are a must-have for anyone who wants a gentle, all-natural soap. They are also a very good price because the owner of Amethyst Soap believes that everyone should be able to afford beautiful skin.

These also make amazing stocking stuffers and gifts for your friends! Look at the beautiful packaging!


Amethyst Soap also has a bunch of other soap products that are all handmade and unique!

If you want to visit Amethyst Soap’s Etsy page click here!

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Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product to review. All opinions are my own.

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