My Road Trip to California

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I’m finally back from my road trip to California! I left from Portland on Friday the 11th, and got back last night on the 20th. I have to say, it was an amazing trip! I snapped some pictures along the way and of course wanted to share some of my adventures with you! Hope you enjoy!

So on the first day of driving, we only had to drive till we reached Sacramento to stay in a hotel overnight. Along the way we stopped a couple of times at some rest stops to stretch our legs. This was our first stop (I don’t remember where at) and there was this lovely tree that was fused together at the trunks which I found rather interesting and just HAD to have a picture taken!


On the second day, we got back in the car and drove all the way to Hollywood and stopped at Universal City Walk to eat lunch and explore all of the stores. Being the tourist that I am, the trip wasn’t complete without getting my picture in front of the Universal Studios globe!


The third day was the main reason behind going on this road trip, Disneyland! The park was sprinkled with lovely Halloween decor which was very fun and exciting to see. I was amazed to find one of my favorite rides, The Haunted Mansion, completely changed into “Nightmare Before Christmas” which was such a treat seeing a new ride and things on it that I didn’t expect!


The ride changed from the regular haunted house feel, to Jack Skellington taking it over and all the little ghouls and goblins running around. In the picture below, a snowy pile of grinning pumpkins sits in what’s usually the “outside graveyard” scene you glide through, making things all the more interesting to look at!


When the parks changes to the Halloween theme, cute, spooky treats are available in a lot of the stores around the park. I fell in love with how much detail they put into their yummy caramel apples and other sweet goodies!



You also have to try the famous, Dole Whip while you’re in Disneyland! This delicious pineapple soft serve is located in Adventure Land to the left of Main street. I got the Dole Whip Float which is the soft serve and sweet pineapple juice with a cute umbrella and maraschino cherry on top! Yummy and refreshing!


One of the days that we were in Disney, we went across the street to California Adventure to go on all the rides and took a lot of cheesy pictures!

IMG_7157 (2)

Of course I had to take a picture with my buddy, Mickey! He’s such a fine lad.


On our last day at Disney, it also happened to be Dapper Day! Here is my ‘dapper’ outfit! I didn’t really get to enjoy this outfit for very long because we spent the whole day at Huntington Beach (hence the look of my terribly sunburned arms and chest) and got back pretty late so it was dark when we reached the park. It was still fun walking around with vintage styled hair and a pretty dress!



After I was done with Disneyland, I took a trip to San Diego and hung out old friend, walked around the San Diego Zoo, and visited “The Whaley House”, the most ‘haunted’ house in America. We walked around Old Town where the house is located and walked through all the gift stores before we took a tour around The Whaley House. It wasn’t as creepy as I thought it would be because it was in the middle of the day when we took the tour. It was still a lot of fun listening to the tour guide talk about the history of the house and lead us around!


I was a bit caught off guard in this picture on me inside The Whaley House.


Driving back to Anaheim, I then decided to go a little further into LA and passed by my favorite channel on YouTube!


That day we also stopped by In-N-Out Burger which was delicious.


During my trip at some point, I stopped by Venice beach and found that it is completely overrated.


On top of people getting in your face trying to sell you things, and the smell of Marijuana everywhere, the Venice Beach Freak Show was closed which was a bummer because that’s why I came to Venice in the first place! On the bright side, at least I got a good touristy picture of me in front of it trying to hide my disappointment (I think I was just squinting from the sun actually, haha)!


Overall, I had an amazing trip to California. I did a lot of other things while I was there from walking around (the overrated) Hollywood Blvd, taking my brother and his fiance’s engagement photos at Disney, to having a fire on Mission Beach in San Diego and many more adventures. I just wanted to share the complete highlights of my trip with you! I hope you enjoyed this post! What’s your favorite place to visit in California and why? Tell me in the comments below! Thanks again for stopping by Shop with Kendallyn!



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