Miracle Skin Transformer: Miracle Revival Mud Mask

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I have no idea why, but lately my face has been super dry especially around my nose and forehead. Is it the weather? Am I dehydrated? There’s a lot of different factors that can determine the quality of our skin. I’m just not sure whats going on with me lately!

This morning I tried Sarah McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Mud Mask because I heard so much about it! This mask is suppose to do a lot of awesome things for your face like improve hydration, detoxify, enhance skin’s radiance, improve elasticity, unclog and minimize pores and so on. This was my first time trying this mask, and it says ‘For the best results, use at least twice a week’, so we will see if I see any changes in my skin after a few weeks! But anyways, here is my first experience with ‘Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Revival Mud Mask’! Wow, that’s a long name!

IMG_5689edited This mask is formulated with bioactive silts or in other words natural fine mud full of nutrients from European lakes.

In all honesty, is sort of smells like ‘Play Doh’, but it sure feels amazing on the skin! The texture is like, you guessed it- muddy!


I simply used an old makeup brush to apply the mask to my face. It says to ‘Apply a generous layer’ so I went all out and applied a lot.

IMG_5709 (2)edited

I know, I look crazy, like I dipped my face in a muddy, murky pond, but trust me, it doesn’t feel like it. I left this mask on for around 15 minutes, as suggested. I definitely stayed in my room the whole time I had this on my face. I didn’t want to scare anyone!


After 15 minutes, I took a small facial cloth pad and wiped away the mud mask with warm water using small circular motions. That was super exfoliating. The mask left my face feeling soft and smooth. My pores also look a little smaller as well. I will definitely continue using this product because I love how my skin feels even after the first try!

Have you tried the Miracle Skin Transformer Revival Mud and seen results? Let me know in the comments! Thanks!

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