First Try: Eylure Enchanted Lashes

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Today I decided to try out Eylure Enchanted False Lashes in the style ‘Grace’. I’ve seen so many Youtube makeup tutorials and it seems like false eyelashes are more popular than ever. I’m not one who usually wears false lashes on a regular basis. When I was about 14 I tried on some lashes for the first time not having a clue how to put them on and they ended up looking horrific. I guess I was just too young to figure it out. Over the past few years I’ve gotten better at applying eyelashes and worn them maybe a handful of times just for fun. So today I decided to give these beautiful Eylure lashes a shot!


My lashes are naturally average length. Not too short/thin, or not too long/thick. Anyways, I did my makeup and eyeliner before applying the falsies and went for a soft ‘Cat eye’ look.


Once I applied the lashes, I immediately noticed how lightweight the lashes felt. I loved the immediate volume and how they still looked natural which perfectly completed my makeup look.

These lashes are reusable which is amazing! I absolutely love them and will definitely use them again!



What brand of falsies do you wear? What is one makeup product you cant live without? Let me know down in the comments. Thanks for stopping by Shop with Kendallyn!

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