5 of my Favorite Requested Paintings I’ve Done

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Ever since I was little I absolutely loved to paint. When I paint I feel like I’m in another world. Over the past few years I’ve probably painted over 100 paintings for myself, family, and other people who requested paintings from me. I can be painting for hours when it feels like I’ve been painting for 25 minutes. I guess it’s true that time goes by quick when you’re doing something you love! Here are a few of my favorite paintings I’ve done for people.

1. Flowers and the Tower

This is a painting I did for a man as a surprise for his wife. All he told me was she loves the Eiffel Tower and left me to come up with the painting, so this is what I created. Took me roughly 5 hours to complete.


2. Swallowed into the Depths

This painting I painted around a year and a half ago. One night I came up with this painting and had no idea what to do with it. A few weeks after I painted it, there happened to be an art show at my school. Of course I entered it into the art show and immediately my awesome Government teacher asked me if he could buy it. So that’s where this painting ended up! Took me around 3 and a half hours to complete.

my old painting11

3. Mt. Hood

I love where I live, because I always get an amazing view of this beautiful mountain, Mt. Hood! Anyways, my sophomore year of high school, I befriended an amazing foreign exchange student from Madrid, Spain. Once she moved back, she missed Oregon so much that she asked me if I could paint her something representing the beautiful state, so of course I picked the most iconic thing in Oregon (besides that light up sign in Down Town Portland). So this painting is currently in Madrid, Spain. Took roughly and hour and a half to finish. I’m a super quick painter!

2015-03-23 15.26.19editeddd12112

4. The Portland Temple

This is my favorite place on earth! Such a beautiful place. For those who don’t what this is, it’s a LDS temple. Yes, I’m LDS (Latter Day Saint). I painted this one for my Bishop and its hanging in his office. I was so happy with how it turned out. Took me 2 hours to complete.


5. Cozy by the Fire

This one was also a requested painting for a boy who wanted me to paint his friends’ cat to surprise her for her birthday. He sent me the picture of her cat for reference and this is what I whipped up! Took me around 3 hours to complete.


Hope you liked this post! Which one of these painting is your favorite and why? Do you have a passion/hobby? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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