How To: Give Yourself a Simple Manicure


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Here are a few easy steps to a simple, long lasting manicure. You don’t have to use these exact products to achieve this look, and can use any products that are similar! These are just some of my favorite products that I love to use. Enjoy!

Step 1: Choose a color!

Since it’s summer time, I chose this super beautiful Sparitual turquoise nail polish in the shade ‘Mindful’.


Step 2: Clip or File

I chose to file my nails a bit because I loved the length they are at! I shaped them into a ‘Squoval’ (square/oval) shape.


Step 3: Clean Your Nails

Take warm water, an old toothbrush, and some soap and gently scrub your nails and nail beds to get them as clean as possible. I used some Terranova Tuberose Hydrating Body Wash.

IMG_4332 IMG_4333

Step 4: Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells that you might have. I used Ritual Organic Rice Scrub and rubbed it all over my hands. This is one of my favorite exfoliaters because it smells so amazing and makes my hands and body feel so soft!


Step 5: Hydrate

Use your favorite moisturizing hand or body cream and massage it into your skin. I used the amazing Molton Brown Replenishing Hand Cream. This lotion makes my hands so soft and absorbs into my skin without leaving a super greasy feeling.


Step 6: Prep your Nails for the Polish

To make your nail color last longer, use a cotton ball and nail polish remover to wipe over your nails to remove any excess oil from the lotion.


Step 7: Apply a Base Coat

Apply a thin coat of a nail base so your nail polish will last and won’t chip as easily. I used Avon’s Nail Experts Base Coat for my base. I noticed that it doesn’t turn my nails yellow, and my nails color lasts a lot longer when I use it.



Step 8: Apply the Polish

Pick out your favorite nail polish and apply a couple coats depending on how thin the nail polish is. Try to not touch your cuticles with the nail polish for a cleaner look.


Step 9: Apply the Top Coat

Before you apply the top coat, let you nails dry for a few minutes. Swipe on that top coat for a beautiful, shiny finish. The Sparitual nail polish that I used came together so I used the clear top coat on my nails. The top coat not only leaves your nails with a glossy finish, it helps prevent chips and scratches.


Step 10: Let Dry and Enjoy your Nails!

I hope you liked this simple manicure nail tutorial! Thanks for stopping by!



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