Welcome to Shop With Kendallyn

Hello and welcome to Shop With Kendallyn!


My name is Kendallyn, a 19-year-old born and raised in a beautiful small town close to Portland, Oregon. Ever since I was a young girl I was obsessed with makeup, fashion and being as creative as I can be. I’m pretty sure I got the makeup and beauty obsession from my lovely mother, Juliann, who is a very successful blogger for the “All Beautiful Mommies” blog. Creativity is not as much of an obsession, but something that comes naturally to me. Quite often I find myself in my room either crocheting, sewing, or painting deep into the night not realizing its 4 AM. I feel that it’s so important to constantly learn something new, so I always strive to learn something I didn’t know the day before. I hope you guys also learn something new and interesting everyday on my blog. Here I will share all kinds of content on my favorite beauty, fashion, products, health tips, art and everything in between. Hope you enjoy!


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